The photo is not my good because I I did not take a picture .... It's a picture of my blog, a photo of a real couscous of mine ....

A little invention on my part, half-stew/half couscous ...

The vegetables are not really good for couscous but they were leftovers of vegetables forgotten in the fridge ...


3 carottes

Stewed pieces of lamb

1 onion

1 leeks

1/2 aubergine

Chick peas (full, I love))

Concentrated tomato sauce

1 l water

Couscous spices

Put the casserole to heat with a little olive oil

Mince the onion and brown it,

Add the various vegetables peeled and roughly chopped

Remove the vegetables and brown the meat

When the meat is lightly browned

Put the vegetables back on the meat

Pour the concentrated tomato sauce and pour the water overcoat

Sprinkle the spices, mix lightly

Cover and simmer over low heat for about 1 hour but watch over cooking depends on the size of the pieces of meat

To accompany couscous semolina