Kinder cake

chocolate sponge cake

Genoese ingredients

4 eggs, 125g flour, 125g sugar, 2 sachets vanilla sugar, cocoa powder, 3 tablespoons chocolate powder, 1 sachet yeast, 1 small pinch of salt

Realization Génoise

1. Preheat your oven to 180 ° C

2. Mix egg yolks with sugar and whiten

Add flour, cocoa powder and vanilla sugar, salt then mix well

4. Mount the whites in snow and incorporate them gently with a spatula

5. Pour your mixture into a buttered mold and cook for 20/25 min at 180 ° C

6. Once the cake has cooled, cut it in half with a large knife


Prepare cream at least 3 hours in advance to let it sit in the fridge

Cream Ingredients

20cl sweetened condensed milk, 20cl liquid cream, 3cas of sugar, 1/2c with vanilla extract, 6g of gelatine, 4càs grated coconut,

Dip your gelatin 10 min in cold water, then wring it out

2. In a saucepan heat the condensed milk, the sugar and the vanilla extract and the gelatine mix then let cool a few minutes

3. Assemble your cold liquid cream with the beater, add the grated coconut and mix with your cooled vanilla condensed milk mixture

4. Keep cool for 3 hours

5. Spread your cream on one of the halves of your genoise then close your cake with the other half


Ingredients frosting

100 g pastry chocolate, 2 cs d water and grated coconut for decoration

1. Melt the pastry chocolate in the microwave (microwaves technique: place the chocolate cubed in a bowl and put in the microwave 10s, go out and stir and repeat until the chocolate is well liquid)
. Spread the melted chocolate on your cake then sprinkle with grated coconut for the deco

Kinder Cake
 Kinder cake
 Kinder cake