Fluffy heart Tupperware

Basically I wanted a recipe for my microvap but I I'm cheated, I combined the ingredients for traditional baking with microvapor cooking .... It's boredom when you follow 2 things at the same time .. both recipes were from Tupperware./p>

Well ... it's a killer thing. The heart, to be flowing, it's flowing ....

It's better to cool down before turn out because the result is ... Flowing, but what is it good?


125g dark chocolate (expect 1 square per pot)

125g butter

80 g flour

80g sugar

3 eggs

2 yellow

In the micro plus pitcher, melt the chocolate and butter 1mn30 to 750 watts. Add the sugar, then the eggs and finish with the flour, using the whip. Fill 3/4 ramekins. Put a square of chocolate in each ramekin. Put 400 ml of cold water in the base of the micro-vap. Put the ramekins in the lower colander, then the lid. Bake 15 minutes at 650 watts. Immediately leave the micro vap without leaving to rest. Taste warm or cold.

Fluffy Heart Tupperware
 Fluffy Heart Tupperware