Caramel butter dirty praline

(for a 250g jar)


100g sugar

1ch water

30g butter salty

150ml of liquid cream

1cac praline paste


Place sugar and water in a saucepan, and heat without stirring (not too strong fire)

The sugar will start to bubble, and to color. As soon as the color looks pretty like caramel, drop the heat and add your butter several times, mixing this time. Add the praline spoon, still stir.

Then the liquid cream, beware of splashing, let's go slowly.

And if you want to put chocolaaat, this is the moment too. Let it cook for 3/4min, still stirring, and you will see that it will start to thicken a bit. You withdraw from the fire, and you pour into a pot and let it harden in the fridge, on the ice, on the ice, etc.

 Caramel butter dirty praline