Pork roti and gorgonzola sauce

This is a recipe I found on the colryut advertising flyer

Ingredients1 roti about 1kg 5

1brins rosemary

25 cl red wine

200g gorgonzola

1 shallot

2 leaves of laurel

In a casserole heated in olive oil, grill all the fillet of the roti and kaiser cook 20 min

In another saucepan and while cooking the roti, peeled peelers and lightly brown shallots.

When translucent, add the red wine, rosemary and bay leaf. keep to one side

Preheat the oven to 200 °

After 20 minutes of cooking the roti add the wine sauce and stuff the roti for 45 minutes

At the end of this time, remove the roti that you put on a plate, put the pieces of gorgonzola and stir to recover all the meat juices and melt the cheese , cut it into slices and serve with a little sauce poured over your meat.

I chose to serve with fried potatoes

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