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The GreatCall is a health technology company developed to help old people with nursing service and various health-related issues. Greatcall was developed by Arlene Harris in 2006; the company has its headquarters located in San Diego, California.  GreatCall provides the wireless cellular service to their specially designed devices via Verizon Wireless network. The company launched its first Jitterbug in the year 2006, by 2009 in partnership with FONEMED GreatCall started live nurse service for 24 hours, to assist patient at the time of emergency. By 2011 company came up with a new app to guide aged people with medication management, they started there 5star Urgent Services which uses the GPS technology to track the location at the time of emergency. The first Jitterbug touches Smartphone with the large screen with a simple user interface was launched in the year 2012.

GreatCall has received a lot of recognition for the service provided by them. In the year 2006 Great Call was recognized under Top 10 Brilliant ideas by New York Times, in 2007 they won the wireless industries Andrew Seybold choice award for  Best New Wireless Company.  In 2016 Jitterbug Flip cell phone was recognized in PCMag as Editor’s Choice for simple cell phones.

GreatCall online Portal – MyGreatCall

GreatCall Company has come up with its online portal MyGreatCall which lets the users organize the app in a safe and easy way. The method to login to MyGreatCall has been discussed in this section:

MyGreatCall Homepage
  • Login to MyGreatCall account by selecting the link: Click here
  • The page will be directed to MyGreatCall home page, choose the type of device for which the service has to be activated. Then tap on a Select button.
  • If the user already has an account then click on Existing Customer option and enter the registered email address (or phone number) and password
  • Then click on ‘Sign In’ button
  • If the user has forgotten the password or is willing to change the password then it could be done by selecting Forgot your password? Click here option on the login page.
  • If the user is new to MyGreatCall online portal then choose New Customer.
  • In the next step select whether the device is activated for self or others and enter the required information and click on Continue
  • Now the user can get the access to their MyGreatCall account.

MyGreatCall assures the health assistance and promises of safe service for 24/7. The user can reach to a highly specialized team of doctors and nurses at the time of emergency easily. Through this service, the user can expect wellness call once in a week to get a regular update on its customer’s health. The service even provides the personal operator to assist with daily tasks and get health-related tips every day, MedCoach will assist the old people to take medicines on schedule. There is automated check-in call every day to check in with their customer’s health, fall detection device detects and calls to 5start service in the event of fall, fitness tracker helps the user to stay fit and healthy by tracking the steps.  To entertain the user and to improve their memory there is brain games option in MyGreatCall. If the device is broken or lost or stolen company will only replace it for its customers.

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