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AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) is world’s largest Telecommunication Company. The company provides fixed telephone services, mobile telephone services, and broadband television subscription. AT&T was established in the year 1885, the company acquired the Bell Telephone Company founded by Alexander Graham Bell on 31 December 1899. By 1982 AT&T’s regional subsidiaries got divided into each individual company, which were called as Baby Bells. The Southwestern Bell Company was one among the individual company which grew enormously by acquiring various other mobile companies and by 2005 SBC purchased its parent company but withheld the name AT&T.

AT&T is multinational conglomerate holding company, in united states AT&T is the largest provider of fixed telephone service and it’s even the second largest mobile telephone service provider in the nation. As of 2017 AT&T is the 21st largest mobile operator in the world, and it is the 11th largest company in the world. They are even well known for there broadband television service, AT&T is also the largest paid television operator in the U.S.

Why Wireless AT&T service?

To know the details of best accessories and devices launched,  new release, detailed description of the device and various broadband offers can be done by accessing Wireless AT&T service site –

By navigating to the page, the user can see the latest product released, at the beginning of the page newly released devices can be seen, click on Browse All Devices to get the complete list of newly released mobile phones with the complete product detail.

By scrolling down the page one could view the various other devices charger, earphone, speakers and many more, click on Choose all the Accessories, by doing so the user can get the entire list of various electric devices and choose from the Shop By Category.

Device Protection option is provided to help the customer replace their device, and for the replacement of lost or stolen device by the various insurance plan. AT&T provides three kinds of insurance plans for the devices –

  • Multi-device Protection Pack: For flexible coverage and protection for up to 3 devices.
  •  Mobile Protection Pack: Theft and damage protection for phone or tablet.
  • Mobile Insurance: Insurance coverage option for one device that is a phone or a tablet.

The User can also get the Security app downloaded from the site for cal protection and to protect from unsafe apps and file. The AT&T provides the link to download. AT&T Call Protect app – for automatic fraud blocking, manual blocking and for suspected spam warning.  AT&T Mobile Security app – which helps protect the phone from unsafe apps and files, to notify if the OS on the phone has tempered.

The customer can get the old device and get an amount for it in return. There are also discounts available for product purchase which could be viewed at the time of product purchase. AT&T provides various benefit pack offers on prepaid mobile services and on data services.

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