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The most convenient and easy way to connect with our family and friends staying far from us is through Mobile or fixed telephone services. Even though its an era of mobile phones and internet, the inmates are restricted to use Mobile phones to connect with there beloved ones. So Customer Service of America (CSA) gives the opportunity to prisoners to communicate with there family and friends via telephone service by providing them different calling options.

The CSA allows a customer to choose and activate the various plans available to get connected to there family and friends. The calling categories of CSA include Collect Calls: In United State refers to call service where the called party has to pay the expense of the call; Pin Debit: It’s a service usually used by inmates to make call to there family and friends, it allows the inmates to call only to the number present in the list, an inmate can call more than one person via this service and accounts has to be credited to place the call; and Calling cards: Its like a pre-paid service were the receipent will not be charged for the call and to place the call, the calling party should have credited the amount before making a call. Anyways the service is not supported by all correctional institute.

Creating a MyPhone Account to avail the services provided

CSA service is applicable to all telephone services which makes it easy for family and friends who are incarcerated by their beloved one. By purchasing the pre-paid calling minutes via CSA one can communicate with there beloved ones easily. Payment made via money order, debit or credit card is acceptable. To make an online payment and use online services it is required to create a Myphone account, the steps to sign in is  briefed here:

CSA home page
  • To login into the CSA online service: click here
  • By selecting the link user gets directed to CSA homepage, make a payment option is present on the home page to proceed with the payment it is required to enter the phone number, email id, and Password, which are obtained at the time of registration.
  • Click Login.
  • If you are new to CSA then can contact them at (800) 849-6081 and request for an account or can directly create the account on your phone by selecting Create Account option on the home screen.
  • If the user has forgotten or is whiling to change the password then it could be done by selecting the link – Click here
  • Send me my password page will appear, enter the registered phone number and Click on Submit button.

The call cost varies depending on the service opted for. If the inmate is getting transferred or released then can get the refund amount by contacting CSA at (800) 849-6081, the refund is available only to the pre-paid account.

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